Spring Horse Show Season is almost here in Florida

The 2019 spring horse show season is almost upon us. All of us here at Triple C Farms of Florida are looking forward to an exciting season of equestrian sport for people with a passion for horses.

With the U.S. equine industry accounting for around $122 billion in economic impact across the country (according to the American Horse Council study in 2017) we are truly blessed to be part of this exciting sport.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we have been very busy ensuring our Triple C Farms of Florida facilities are ready for the coming spring horse show season. Our riding arena has been specially prepared to accommodate our boarders.

We have taken great care to ensure the safety and comfort of our riders, utilizing only quality sand, with a construction designed for ideal for practice sessions.

Spring Horse Show Season: Dressage

Defined by the FEI (the International Equestrian Federation) as “the highest expression of horse training”, dressage is a very competitive equestrian sport.

One of three Olympic equestrian sports, the goal of the rider is to appear relaxed and effort-free, with their horse performing all movements requested willingly.

In modern dressage a variety of “tests” are performed at various levels, with a series of movements executed in a number of prescribed sets, carefully choreographed while performed to music.

An equestrian sport that can be traced back centuries, dressage is considered on of the most artistic forms of this sport.

Grand Prix Show Jumping

Another Olympic sport, grand prix show jumping is considered an all-in sport with men and women both competing on equal terms.

The Grand Prix of Olympic sport, show jumping is the highest and most challenging. Both women and men compete on a set course of obstacles as high as 1.6 meters (5.25 feet).

The goal is to clear all obstacles without knocking any pole down in order to qualify for the second round. This round is known as the “jump-off”, the winner being the fastest with least faults.

Three Day Eventing

The third Olympic equestrian sport, three day eventing tests the skill, courage, versatility and endurance of both horse and rider.

Held over three days, the three disciplines are cross country jumping, dressage and stadium jumping.

If you would like to find out more about what is happening in our area, why not give us a shout? We are also happy to invite you over to see our facilities at Triple C Farms of Florida.

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